It's FINALLY time again for another episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew, "Ob-viously Underrated" subtitle "Another show not aired"

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It is that rare time of the year once again where Travis and I managed to talk for more than a 3 text message conversation. Maybe with all the Modern Horizons spoilers dropping it won't be too much longer before we get the next one out. But who am I trying to kid it will be as soon as I can get Travis on some kind of schedule. 

 We have a listener deck list this show from TopHatTolab. 

Other than that we just the troll hottie of the show, Rutina Wesley. I have just found True Blood and she plays my favorite character hands down. I almost quit the show when I thought she might be leaving it. But at the moment where I am in the show, we are good again. 

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