&Custom Masters Sets with Cooper G. Frye (E026)

By Cube&Chaos

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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CubeCon 2024 is quickly approaching. Voting is live right now: Go and vote for your favorite Cubes!

This episode Cooper G. Frye helps us expand our horizon: Somewhere between Standard legal sets and Cubes is the design space of Masters sets like Modern Masters. Cooper, who was one of the top contestants in the last Great Designer Search 3, has an expansive experience designing custom sets in the Modern Masters style.

We also talk about draft hosted by the XMage Draft Historical Society (XDHS). You can join their discord here.

You can contact Cooper on twitter or find him in our discord.

If you want to draft one of Coopers many creations, Cube or Chaos draft with us join our discord and draft with us!

Happy cubing!