Julian Knab

By Leaving a Legacy

Friday, July 31, 2020

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This week Jerry and Patrick sit down with esteemed Legacy content creator Julian Knab. We have a long talk about issues both related to MTG and completely unrelated to the game. 

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Watch Julian twitch.tv/itsjulian

Don't forget about the awesome charity event being run on MTGO on 8/7 as well.

Tournament Information:
  • When: Saturday 8/7/20 1200 EST, check in begins at 1100 EST in Discord Where: MTGMelee & MTGO
  • Entry fee: Screenshot or proof of at least 5 dollar donation to the GoFundMe (once you donate, share the donation information with Jerry, Pat, or the Community Legacy League twitter or discord account and you will get an entry code)
  • Format: Swiss, followed by cut to top 8 or 4 depending on size.
  • Prizes (Donated by BoBoFraggles)
  • 1st - Full set of VMA Power 9 on MTGO
  • 2nd - 3 Treasure Chest Boosters
  • 3rd - 3 Treasure Chest Boosters
  • 4th - 3 Treasure Chest Boosters
  • 5th - 3 Treasure Chest Boosters
  • 6th - 3 Treasure Chest Boosters
  • 7th - 3 Treasure Chest Boosters
  • 8th - 3 Treasure Chest Boosters
  • (Additional prizes may be added if more donations to prizes are given)

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