The crew is back! We've got a new set name, a new Mythic Edition, and some spicy new Magic Arena news! Of course there's also a few tournaments to run through quickly and an open letter to WotC and CFBEvents from the Legacy community that actually makes perfect sense! And of course we'll spend some time making fun of WotC's website.

Remember, whatever you need from WotC, just put it on the inside of the pizza box!
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Cluze - @lacluyze

GP Prague -
SCG Worcester -
Challenger Schedule -
Ravnica Allegience Card Image Gallery -
RNA Mythic Edition -
Codes for Arena -
War of the Spark -
Arena: State of the Beta -
Challenger Decks Return April 12th for $29.99 -
Legacy Community Open Letter to WotC/CFB -
Ravnica Allegience on MTGO -

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