For some reason, Magic nerds like to get SUPER upset about EVERYTHING. In this episode, we're covering all things that they've been getting angry about for the last two weeks. There's the banning of Krark-Clan Ironworks in Modern, an MPL player being disinvited from the upcoming Mythic Invitational, rules updates, IPG updates, the usual stuff.

Then we come to the sudden lack of GP coverage, the fact that we could see an amount on the RNA Mythic Edition, and WotC promoting a band's album release. Apparently these are all CARDINAL SINS and Magic nerds are losing their minds.

We on Monday Night Magic are here to tell you to CALM DOWN. Please don't just spread your bile and hatred online just because a thing in Magic changed. Think for a minute. Try to put yourself in someone else's shoes. And try to give it a second before you react angrily and violently on social media. It'll make things better for everyone.

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Squee - @SqueeGoblnNabob
Cluze - @lacluyze

B&R update -
Rei Sato disinvited from the Mythic Invitational -
GP Kitakyushu canceled -
No more WotC GP coverage -
GP New Jersey -
SCG Indy -
Comp Rules & Oracle text updates -
IPG stuff -
CAG formed -
RNA Mythic amount sold is visible! -
Music makes nerds angry, film at 11 -
Pack-per-Win MTGO Format Retirement -
MTGO Bug Blog 1/17/2019 -

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