Chewie and Cluze are back again to tell you all about the news of the week! We've got some follow ups to the Mythic Invitational, plenty of War of the Spark, and proof that someone somewhere discussed a potential MTG Netflix series almost a year ago. Neat. Then, just in case you didn't get enough of them in March, we have a bracket you can fill out and maybe win some awesome stuff in Magic Arena. Hope you like giant planeswalker brackets! Oh yeah, and there's tournament news from CFBE and an actual tournament from SCG.

And don't worry - everything is fine.

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Mythic Invitational debrief -
Top 16 from Invitational invited to MC2 -
War of the Spark Story video -
War of the Spark Story Scenes -
War of the Spark Card Image Gallery -
Basic Lands article by Vorthos Mike -
Copyright for a MTG Netflix show -
Planeswalker Bracket announcement -
Download PW Bracket here -
CFBE Q3 MagicFest update -
SCG Cleveland coverage -

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