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#649 - War of the Abs, As Narrated By Squee

by Monday Night Magic

Squee is back from Japan! He hasn't been paying any attention to War of the Spark previews while he's been gone, so he's going to give us some honest reactions to this stuff. He also doesn't know what's up with the story, so he's going to give us a full accounting of the War of the Spark story based on a quick glance at the cards in the story scenes. It is abs-olutely classic!

Of course we've also got the rest of the news to talk about. We've got some information about MCQs, including a sweet new Arcbound Ravager. There are some changes to MC2 involving decklists that have some implications. There's a War of the Spark sequel novel coming in November. And what MNM would be complete without some manner of tournament to talk about? GP Sao Paulo was this weekend, so we've got to tell you about that. It was Modern.

Squee will be sharing some of the spoils of his journey East at the end of the show for the next however many weeks, so hopefully you'll enjoy checking out his nonsense. Also, Cluze has some actual Magic news to talk about for himself! About himself. It's his thing, you'll hear it.

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