Another Mythic Championship is in the books! There are stories good and bad from the event, and we'll go into one of each. We might dwell a little longer on the Yuuya Watanabe DQ, but it's important to explain what we know from the official statement as clearly as possible. Autumn Burchett has been added to the the Magic Pro League, replacing Owen Turtenwald without a word from WotC. We'll give our theories for why WotC still hasn't said anything about that in particular. There's a massive info dump too, with lots of news items that aren't super important but are still good to know. All the new set updates and stuff, the first season of the MPL with its oddly dumb nomenclature, and a new art book coming soon. Oh, and WotC is starting up a new multimedia games design studio that will focus on new IPs that aren't MTG or D&D. And there was a GP too.

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Mythic Championship London coverage -
Yuuya Watanabe's DQ -
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MC6 info -
Autumn replaces Owen in MPL -
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No B&R changes for commander, Rule 0 added -
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Policy changes -
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Modern Horizons is a love letter to Time Spiral -
Visual History of the Gatewatch book in July -
WPN changes coming -
GP London coverage -

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