#653 - A Troubling Lack of Transparency

By Monday Night Magic

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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This week's episode is much more serious than you might be used to. There's one Limited tournament, but everything else involves the changes to the Magic Pro League or the War of the Spark Mythic Edition mess. Gerry Thompson left, Yuuya Watanabe got removed, and we all know Owen Turtenwald was ghosted. Autumn Burchett had already been brought in, but there were still two holes to fill! Turns out it's Jessica Estephan and Savjz, which leads to all kinds of questions about how to get into the MPL and the overall purpose of the MPL.

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Your Hosts:
Chewie - @TheManaPool
Squee - @SqueeGoblnNabob
Cluze - @lacluyze

Yuuya Watanabe's punishment - https://www.mtgesports.com/news/statement-regarding-yuuya-watanabe
WotC offers compensation for the Mythic Edition mess - https://twitter.com/wizards_magic/status/1126292463730036736
A frivolous lawsuit you say? - https://twitter.com/M_Wetherington/status/1126170632037781504
New MagicFest in Nagoya this year - https://twitter.com/ChannelFireball/status/1125914366728183808
GerryT resigns from MPL - https://twitter.com/MagicEsports/status/1127965978913124352
Jessica Estephan & Savjz to fill the MPL slots - https://www.mtgesports.com/news/mpl-adds-janne-savjz-mikkonen-and-jessica-estephan
Why GerryT resigned - https://thegampodcast.com/2019/05/13/why-i-quit-the-magic-pro-league/
Simon Goertzen leaving coverage - https://twitter.com/simongoertzen/status/1127630826617888768?s=19
Turns out Magic really IS complex! - https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613489/magic-the-gathering-is-officially-the-worlds-most-complex-game/
War of the Spark survey - https://survey.marketpointsinc.com/wc0519gb2/WIZARDS
GP Madison coverage - http://coverage.channelfireball.com/event/15

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