Demystifying Hatebears and How Taxing Effects Could Help YOUR Deck Builds (feat. NeoRoyal)

By MTG In Quarantine

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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NeoRoyal joins the podcast to discuss Hatebears, which are cards which slow down your opponents while providing you with incremental advantage during the course of a game. Often found at the highest levels of 60-card Constructed play as well as cEDH, Hatebears often receive a lot of distrust because they are commonly associated with Stax strategies which many players do not like to play against. We seek to identify how Hatebears can be used to slow down many common strategies while not preventing other players from playing the game. Also included are a lot of references to Rule 0 in EDH where talking with your playgroup ahead of time can hopefully prevent any situations where feel-bads are common.

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