Exploring the Commander "Loudness" Factor in EDH (feat. Cole from Uncommon Commanders)

By MTG In Quarantine

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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There are a lot of scary Commanders in the EDH landscape with a bad reputation. Cole from the Uncommon Commanders podcast joins the show to discuss how the "loudness" of Commanders can influence other players in the pod and what decks or strategies they use to counteract. We define "loudness" as how much value a Commander can create on its own without other inputs, as well as the relative floor and ceiling that a Commander has from first glance. We then discuss how loudness should be used as a topic of conversation during Rule 0 but is not an excuse to demean or mistreat a player - play against a Commander, not a person.

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You can find Cole at @EclipseMeteor , and the Uncommon Commanders podcast is also on the usual podcast outlets.