Secret Lairs and Unique Card Mechanics for FOMO Cards: A Response RE: Mechanics ONLY

By MTG In Quarantine

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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A lot of Magic Social Media has gone ballistic over the reveal of the new "The Walking Dead" Secret Lair cards, which for a variety of reasons can cause concern to players across multiple formats.  While I am not going to disagree with the issues that have cropped up over morality of character decisions, issues with Magic's ongoing story (with crossovers with TWD) or the direct-to-players card sales from Wizards, I do not believe that Secret Lairs or unique mechanics on Secret Lair cards break tradition with other major IPs that do similar things to boost sales.  I also don't believe that we should discourage people from buying these cards based on this issue - if people want to buy these cards, then they should be able to play with them.