The Flexibility and Utility of Having a Range of Decks in Your EDH Collection (feat. Gemstone Mine)

By MTG In Quarantine

Thursday, December 16, 2021

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Having a wide variety of EDH decks to accommodate any level of play is a good thing! Jon from the Gemstone Mine podcast joins the show to discuss how intent defines what is traditionally called "power level" instead of the inclusion/exclusion of certain cards. We then fill a hypothetical Quiver-brand card case for an MTG game night with a range of decks from our personal collections that go from pre-con level all the way to cEDH.

You can find Jon and the Gemstone Mine podcast/content network on Twitter at @gemstoneminemtg.   His Moxfield profile can be found here:

You can find me on Twitter at @MTGInQuarantine. My Moxfield profile can be found here: