The Plainswalkers Ep. 9: The History and Relevance of Stax as it Relates to Other Resource-Denial and Board-Warping EDH Strategies

By MTG In Quarantine

Monday, October 11, 2021

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The Plainswalkers are back in action as JRo and Charles join me to discuss a common boogey-man of the EDH format, Stax! In order to understand how White supports Stax strategies, it is first important to understand the history of the strategy and how it has historically been played. With that understanding, we will continue this discussion in a Part 2 about White's place in Stax and how White excels at denying tempo. We also discuss how Stax differs from and is also similar to other strategies which look to affect resource accrual and deck tempo such as Group Hug and Chaos builds.

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