Triple Threat Deck Challenge: Selesnya Enchantress + Token Aristocrats

By MTG In Quarantine

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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The first episode of the Triple Threat Deck Challenge follows me as I build a Selesnya (Green and White) EDH/Commander deck with Asmira, Holy Avenger as my Commander.  The deck seeks to use strong and cheap enchantments with good Enter the Battlefield effects to maximize value, and has ways to recur those cards back from the graveyard. We also want to build a large token army that we can either use to attack our opponents or to sacrifice to make our Commander stronger.  

I used the following three cards for the concept of this deck: 

Silverglade Pathfinder (Creature) 

Cleansing Meditation (Sorcery) 

Ashnod's Altar (artifact)  

I also outline some of the other cards that I would include in this deck. However, the complete 99-card decklist is not available because I encourage listeners to build their own version of the deck as they see fit.  I am just providing a basic template for some of the cool things that can be done with this deck concept and this Commander.  

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NOTE: I made some mistakes on card names and effects in the podcast.  You can find the edited version on YouTube at: