Sector 512 Podcast #50 - Top 10 Animals

By Sector 512 Podcast

Friday, June 18, 2010

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Blobfish, Korean Penis Fish, Candiru, oh my!

Those mysterious Sector 512 guys are back are dredging up all of god's best depravities for your listening pleasure.  As anticipated, multiple lists are dedicated to the animals of the world with the biggest penises and it basically rolls down hill like a 12 inch log from there.

Don't miss some absolutely repulsive items like duck rape, "traumatic insemination", corkscrew vaginas, bottle brush cocks, gelatinous flesh, copious slime production, willy-nilly sex changes, and the "Bo Jackson" of the animal kingdom.  My god, our mothers would be ashamed and onto the pictures!

Yes son, that is its corkscrew ridculously huge rape-happy duck penis

Korean Penis Fish or "Huge Uncircumcised Throbbing Dick Fish"

The thing on the right is the semi-autonomous octopus pussy seeker penis

Envision that all angry and jammed head first up your pee-hole

Hagfish - Looks like Jaws mated with a Graboid sporting collagen lip injections

Blobfish - About the only thing a duck won't rape

Scotoplane - Just imagine this thing giving you an eskimo kiss

Wildcard is to come up with a new animal mascot for the Minnesota Twins to replace that lame-ass plushy-wannabe TC the Bear.  Apparently nothing says Minnesota like invasive species.

Send in a list for the next episode to and it will be the Top 10 Children's Books That Need to Be Written (examples include "Everybody Poops on Tammie's Two Mommies" or "Show Me on the Doll where the Wild Things Touched You") and the wild card is to pick your favorite existing children's book.