Episode 72 – The New Superteam

By The Blue Envelope Podcast

Thursday, March 10, 2016

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Hi There! It's been an exciting week for British Magic, what with three Grand-Prix top 8s across the globe. We're lucky enough to have Bologna champion Kayure Patel joining us in today's episode, whilst Neil is in American and losing his power pack (again). Rather appropriately, this week's Back in't'Day talks about two events; the first instance of same-format Grand Prixs running on the same weekend. http://magic.wizards.com/en/eventcoverage/gpver13 http://magic.wizards.com/en/eventcoverage/gprio13 Seeing as we have Kayure on the show, we spend a lot of time talking about Modern and his GP victory, but there's also an announcement from him that might change the way British Magic is perceived in years to come. As always, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget our lovely sponsors, Magic Madhouse. And if, after that, you have some spare money left over, we'd really appreciate it if you could show us some support through Patreon. www.facebook.com/tbepodcast www.twitter.com/tbepodcast www.youtube.com/channel/UCRN0xy2Q5wpGVn30Q_kqN_w www.magicmadhouse.co.uk www.patreon.com/tbepodcast Unfortunately, we have to end this week on a sad note. Edward Hughes, a huge character in the British Magic scene who was loved and respected by all those who knew him, sadly and unexpectedly passed away last week. His family have set up a website with details on how you can take part in charitable fundraising in his memory, which you can find here: http://edward.hughes.muchloved.com/ The Blue Envelope team x