Yo MTG Taps

YMTGT #9 Planeswalkers, Pumping, Gas


<p>This week Joey and bigheadjoe discuss the Mythic Invitational, bhj's hatred of Esper Control (as the pilot for a change!), and #MTGWAR War of th...

YMTGT #8 Hashtag Banamorphose


<p>This week Joey and bigheadjoe push back against the constant demands for bans in Modern, then immediately pull a swerve and call for the banning...

YO! March 19, 2019 YMTGT Patreon Launch


<p>Joey and bhj announce the launch of their Patreon page and go over the tiers and goals. https://www.patreon.com/yomtgtaps</p>

YMTGT #7 Sk8er BO1


<strong>Joey and bigheadjoe announce their new sponsorship with CoolStuffInc.com! Then they discuss War of the Spark, #GPLA, Modern Horizons' poten...

YMTGT #6 The Cleveland Mulligan


<strong>Joey and bigheadjoe discuss Autumn Burchett's historic Mythic Championship win. bigheadjoe directly addresses anyone who might have a f***i...

YO! February 14, 2019 Nexus Banned on Arena Best of 1


In the first installment of YMTGT bonus content, Joey and BHJ talk about the banning of Nexus of Fate in Best of 1 matches on Arena.

YMTGT #5 Make 'Em Have It


<strong>Joey and bigheadjoe discuss their experiences at #SCGBALT and #SCGDFW, including Joey's seismic Modern shift and bhj's usual Standard shena...

YMTGT #4 Just a Regular Prix


<strong>Joey and bigheadjoe discuss the dea(r)th of Limited Grand Prix coverage at #GPNJ, their #MTGRNA Prerelease <a href="https://www.clumsycraft...

YMTGT #3 Stop Bolting Yourself


<strong>Joey and bigheadjoe get together to talk about their Top 10 cards from Ravnica Allegiance!</strong> LINKS: <a href="https://www.youtube.co...

YMTGT #2 ArenaGrumping


Joey and bigheadjoe are back to discuss some of their experiences with the MTG Arena software. • MTG Arena - Known Issues https://mtgarena-support...