Elder Dragon Durdle Podcast

#91 - Feather, What a Gal/Playing Tron is Cheating


Durdles are back after a week break, and we have episode filled with cheaters, prerelease stories, how MTGWAR has influenced our decks, and Feather...

Elder Dragon Durdle Podcast 90 - Symmertry, and How to Break It


This week, we have decided to let the madness that is WAR Prerelease run itself down ,and have decided to talk about symmetrical effects - from Sta...

#88 Press F for Gideon


Alas poor Gideon, we knew thee well. Commander of the Week: Nikša - OG Jhoira, Who Underperforms Igor - Alesha, of "You guys are insan...

#88 Basically/Justice For Angrath/WAR Spoilers


This week, we tackle on all things WAR related! From the awesome trailer for War of the Spark, and the sea of spoilers, we prep for the long haul, ...

#87 Three Flavors of Lantern Control


This week, much to Nikša's dismay, we discuss Lantern Control as an archetype in EDH, accompanied by some really sweet decklists. We suggest imp...

#86 - 3 Years Running, Past and Future Durdling


Well, we have been doing this for 3 years, and it kinda crept up upon us! This week, we go over the Challenger decks, remember what players we used...

#85 - Trinispheres, Modern Horizons and Feather


This week, we are hit by a hint of Modern Horizons, promise of return of some of our favorite characters, and we dream crush some poor souls with T...

#84 - PewDiePie, Mulligans and a Blood Moon


After some changes to mtgcast.com, we are finally back! And what a month of events has it been, but they are all overshadowed by an Competitive ED...

#83 2018 in Review


Well, it's been another long, long year, and we retell our Magic highs and lows. Also, we are finally back, and this was recorded at the beginni...

Fishy Business with JohhnyCroat