Magic with Zuby

Episode 168 - Reuben Bresler


This week we brought on the one, the only, Reuben Bresler who is now best known for being a co-host on the ever popular Magic Podcast, Magic Mics a...

Episode 167 - Jon Dunning of They Said We Said


This week we brought on my good buddy Jon Dunning of the Youtube Channel They Said We Said. They Said We Said hosts the amazing Youtube shows of Th...

Episode 166 - Michael Sun, MTG Arena Streamer


This week we brought on Michael Sun who is a Magic the Gathering Arena Streamer on Twitch. We discussed streaming, content creation, Core Set 2020,...

Episode 165 - Are You Having Planeswalker Fatigue?


Today's episode we discuss a problem in Standard that many people might be having and that is Planeswalker Fatigue. Are you suffering from it? Let'...

Episode 164 - Why I Don't Miss Competitive Magic


Today we talk about why I don't miss competitive magic and we also hear from you all on your thoughts about competitive magic. You can support M...

Episode 163 - THICC Angels and EDH Additions from RNA


Hey everybody, today we discuss my personal top 10 EDH additions from Ravnica Allegiance and also discuss a personal favorite deck of mine in Stand...

Episode 162 - War of the Spark Novel Review


On this episode we discuss the new War of the Spark Novel by Greg Weisman. Standard Intelligence Podcast:

Episode 161 - Farewell, For Now


Thank you for all the memories.

Episode 160 - MTG Sickly


This week we brought on Jordynne aka MTG Sickly. She is a Magic the Gathering content creator on Youtube. Youtube Channel:

Episode 159 - Pixie Kitten Plays


This week we brought on Rachel from Pixie Kitten Plays! Pixie Kitten Plays is a Magic the Gathering Youtube Channel comprised of Magic the Gatherin...