Magic with Zuby

Episode 160 - MTG Sickly


This week we brought on Jordynne aka MTG Sickly. She is a Magic the Gathering content creator on Youtube. Youtube Channel:

Episode 159 - Pixie Kitten Plays


This week we brought on Rachel from Pixie Kitten Plays! Pixie Kitten Plays is a Magic the Gathering Youtube Channel comprised of Magic the Gatherin...

Episode 158 - Jason Alt


This week we brought on Jason Alt of Brainstorm Brewery fame! You can support Magic With Zuby on Patreon here:

Episode 157 - 3 Year Anniversary Special!!!!!


Can you believe it's been 3 years since I started this show? I can't. Well it's here and I share this anniversary episode with my good buddy Alec!!...

Episode 156 - The Other Side of Content Creation


This week we go over the article I made titled: "The Other Side of Content Creation." that made a little bit of waves. The article can be ...

Magic With Zuby Episode 069 – The Rest Of The Amonkhet Magic Story Explained


Today we discuss the rest of the remaining chapters in the Amonkhet storyline! We’ve already gone over Chapters 1 and 2, now we discuss Chapters 3 ...

Magic With Zuby Episode 068 – It Had To Happen To You


Some truths were spoken as well as some video games discussed. Listen in on this episode of Magic With Zuby to find out!   Magic with Zuby can be f...

Magic With Zuby Episode 067 – Let’s Have A Little Controversy


Let’s have a little controversy while discussing the controversies of Magic the Gathering. We also discuss some of my cube adventures as well as a ...

Magic With Zuby Episode 066 – Wizards, We Need To Talk


Wizards, we need to talk. What’s going on lately? The past two years? We’re worried about you Wizards. Hear me talk about the past 2 years as well ...

Magic With Zuby Episode 065 – Jeff Hoogland


Today is an episode I’m very excited about! I brought on Starcity Games Pro Player, Jeff Hoogland to talk with me not only about Magic the Gatherin...