DnD For Normies Presents - The Price of Progress Episode 7: The One With A Dragonborn Boutique

By Magic with Zuby

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

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Introducing a brand new show, Dungeons & Dragons for Normies! In this first campaign, The Price of Progress, we follow the adventures of the dragonborn barbarian K'aranina Gemleaf, the dwarf cleric Maermyl Hillspear, and the satyr monk Tellercos!

In Episode 7, the gang has to go undercover to find out exactly what Vesuvio's evil plan entails... but first, SHOPPING! Can the group pull off their planned disguises and get the info from Vesuvio that they need to thwart his big corporation take-over??!

K'aranina Gemleaf played by Michelle [they/she] https://twitter.com/kilnfiendpotter
Maermyl Hillspear played by Pixie Kitten [she/her] https://twitter.com/PKP_Magic
Tellercos played by Baltan/Tony [he/him] https://twitter.com/BaltanTwo

And our awesome Dungeon Master is Zuby [he/him] https://twitter.com/MagicwithZuby

To watch the streams LIVE, follow on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/magicwithzuby


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