What's In The Box?

What's In The Box? EP 29: GP Memphis, Modern Horizons and MTG Finance


Welcome back to What's In The Box?! Today we talk about our recent trip to GP Memphis, Modern Horizons and MTGFinance (Cube Management). As a...

What's In The Box Ep 28 Card Kingdom Starter Cube Cube Design




What’s In The Box? Kaladesh Set Review


Hey everyone, here is our Kaladesh Set Review. Sorry to have it out so late, but we didn’t want to speak on anything until we were able to play wit...

What's In The Box Kaladesh Set Review


Whats In The Box White Episode


What’s In The Box EP 25: The White Episode


Hey everyone, We are continuing our color pie series and discussing white in this episode. Going over everything the color has to offer and breakin...

What's In The Box Eldritch Moon


What’s In The Box: Ep 24 Eldritch Moon


Hey everyone, We are back discussing Eldritch Moon! The second set in the Shadows over Innistrad block! This set brought us some fantastic cards th...

What’s In The Box Ep 22: The Greenest Pasture


Hey everyone, this is the continuation of our color series where we discuss the role of each color in cube. This episode was recorded last month so...