MTG In Quarantine

Category: Commander

Previewing Commander Sealed w/ Gunnar Wuher (September 15-17 in Rochester, New York)

May 30, 2023

Like the curated Limited environments for EDH but wish it could involve more chaos? On this episode, host/organizer of Commander Sealed Gunnar Wuhe...

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Small Business CPA Colorado Springs

May 30, 2023

One crucial partner that can help them navigate the complexities of financial management is a certified public accountant (CPA). A small business C...

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RAKDOSCAST 337 – Um Novo Standard (de novo)

May 28, 2023

RAKDOSCAST 337 – Um Novo Standard (de novo)
MP e Heli atualizam tudo que aconteceu nas últimas semanas e comentam o novo T2

Download: https://arch...

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Herr der Inge - 103

May 24, 2023

Es wurden wieder ein paar Karten gespoilt für Herr der Ringe! Schauen wir sie uns mal an.

Kleine Daten über mich:
Unser eigener Discord-Server: ...

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eSign Web Services Pvt Ltd

May 23, 2023

eSign Web Services - Digital Marketing & seo Company India

eSign Web Services is a leader in web design and digital marketing, offering unparallel...

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Best Lawn Care Evans GA

May 23, 2023

The company Augusta Grass Masters offers top-of-the-line fertilization and weed control services in Evans, GA and the surrounding areas.

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Episode 170: It's Been Awhile

May 20, 2023

 Rob and Jerry welcome a new full time addition Sean as we discuss the changes to the Standard rotation.  Later we discuss Jerry's performance at h...

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Magic with Zuby

Category: General Interest

Episode 280 - Walrus Watercooler - Unreal Dev Talk

May 1, 2023

It's Walrus Game Studio's first of many Walrus Watercooler Dev talks! We go over the progress we've made in our upcoming Steam game, Walrus-A-Go-Go...

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Category: Cube

Feedback or not with Derek Gallen (E023)

April 4, 2023

This episode we hop on the bandwagon and invited Derek Gallen onto the show!

As is tradition he introduced himself with his signature spellbook.

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So Many Insane Plays

Category: Vintage

So Many Insane Plays - Episode 110 - 2022 Year in Review

February 5, 2023

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review 2022, for Vintage.  In this episode: our 2022 Year in Review and our annual Moxie Awards for Best New Set, Be...

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THE GRAND FINALE! DR.Casual moving away from MTG.

February 1, 2023

Greetings all.  This was recorded live over 2 weeks ago and it is the final episode of the DR. Casual/PlanesTalkers podcast. 

I want to thank yo...

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Leaving a Legacy

Category: Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

November 21, 2022

Well, this is it. Our last ride. Please enjoy the plethora of guests we had on, listeners, friends, and everything in between. It’s been an amazing...

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The Third Power Episode 85 - A Tribe Called Cube - The Third Power's Dominaria United Preview Card Episode!

August 24, 2022

In this episode of The Third Power, Anthony and Usman discuss our preview card for Dominaria United - Leaf-Crowned Visionary - and t...

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Thematic Commander

Category: Commander

Thematic Commander- Game play with friends first game

August 14, 2022

This was the first game of the night with some of my good friends 


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