Gathering: My Thoughts

Category: General Interest

Streets of New Capenna Upgrade Guide - Maestros Massacre

May 5, 2022

The second Commander deck we're covering here is the Maestros Massacre deck. Wyatt joins the cast once again and has some awesome thoughts to share...

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Episode 275

March 25, 2022

Join the conversation at

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Meta-Call 234: Lurrus Ban and The Good Old Days of Competitive Play

March 10, 2022

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This week, Corey and Darrel talk about the Lurrus ban and then intend to cover some MTG Historic shenanig...

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Clock Spinning

Category: Cube

We've moved!

March 9, 2022

We've migrated hosting on our podcast to a new hosting platform. If you're seeing this episode, you'll need to resubscribe. Go to

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Need More Clicks? Full Version

March 6, 2022

We go over our first hand experience including thumbnails, search engine optimization (SEO), Quality versus Quantity, how hard "to grind", working ...

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Commander Crunch

Category: Commander

Episode 50 - The Magic of Art, with Vorthos Mike

January 27, 2022

Welcome back for some new year Crunch! Super excited to be back for another year of magical delights and awesome guests. We're joined this week by ...

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Category: Competitive

Ep. 33 Just Chillin

January 7, 2022

This week we have a full crew. We have no particular direction since it is the end of the year. This is Episode 33 even though Tony says episode 32...

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Untitled Gameing Podcast

Category: Cube

Innistrad Crimson Vow / Commander Review!

November 16, 2021

In this first pilot episode, José and Dan discuss the cards from Innistrad: Crimson Vow and it's companion Commander decks to see how they square u...

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#121 - Love is Art, Art is Love

November 4, 2021

This week, Durdles recount Niksa's Modern Trio win with a bunch of unexpected decks, and are joined by Robi to discuss and marvel at Midnight Vow s...

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The Cryptic Commander

Category: News

Episode 88: Curiosity, and cats. part 2.

October 5, 2021

This week we are joined by Zach and Nathaniel, the 2 persons responsible for creating the curiosity format.  Join us this week as we go over the MT...

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The Win Condition

Category: All Constructed

TWC Ep 76 - Ketchup

May 2, 2021

Sean and Greg are back to discuss MtG lore, news from the last 3 years, and decks with increasing power level moving forward.

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MTG Ed Network

Category: Community

Episode 10: Rule 0

March 12, 2021

Rule 0 in Commander has been the biggest catch all for managing disagreements with the larger ban list and social rules of EDH. Jake and Conner com...

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Episode #32 - Time Spiral Remastered Talk

March 7, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back for Episode #32 of The Four C's Podcast. Today we have such a sweet look through of the recent "spoilers" from Time...

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Commander Quest

Category: Commander

Aegar, the freezing flame Deck template MTG EDH Commander

March 5, 2021

This is an EDH MTG Commander deck template for Aegar, the freezing flame that focuses on excess damage and similar effects.
the deck:https://archid...

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Young Pyromancers

Category: Commander

KHC - Phantom Premonition Upgrade | #48

February 25, 2021

We do our 15 In, 15 Out for the UW Foretell precon.


If this is your first time listening, welcome! Here at the Young Pyromancers podcast, we d...

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